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Mike Lara

WOW...to your pictures, to the sharing of your thoughts and reflections...WOW to you Marci. Thank you for allowing me to join you on this adventure. The only way this works is with you doing all the pedalling.
Love you,

Kathleen Higgins

Hi Marci,

Like any cowgirl worth her boots, you hung on, no matter how rough the ride! That rough 4 mile stretch tested you more than the steepest hill. It was physically jarring, painful, and monotonous, with no crest on which to focus. Yes, no surprise, you pedaled through it. Not every challenge is thrilling. Many are tedious and difficult and you simply have to put in the time and push yourself through. There's an educational metaphor!

Enjoy your last day and the sight of the Missouri border. It will look like Oz, Kansas Girl!

Rest well, Kathleen

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